Debunk EU, VsI, is an independent technology think tank and non-governmental organization that researches disinformation and runs educational media literacy campaigns. Debunk EU provides disinformation analyses in Baltic countries and Poland, as well as in the United States and North Macedonia together with our partners.


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Regretfully, the world-wide response to disinformation is still too slow, too fragmented and relying on an outdated 2G approach, where the first G stands for Google search (manual monitoring) and second G – for Gut feeling (no data-based evidence). Because the problem is complex, it requires complex solutions. 

In the meantime Debunk EU utilizes the efforts and expertise of:

A team of skilled analysts with backgrounds ranging from political science and history to business and media

National institutions in our partner countries, providing us with valuable insights on the situation in the Baltics

IT magicians with a broad knowledge of AI tools which help us make the fact-checking process faster and fool-proof

Lithuanian community of volunteer fact-checkers also known as elves (because of their notorious skills of hunting online trolls).

Because of a longtime shared history, we cooperate with our colleagues in Latvia and Estonia. Since all three Baltic states broke out of Soviet Union in 1990, the level of threat coming from Russia has grown exponentially. To build resilience to disinformation amongst the citizens of these countries,  we had joined forces with analysts and elves from our Baltic neighbors. 


Poland also faces similar challenges with foreign actors attempting to influence public opinion and undermine democratic processes - therefore, we have expanded the scope of our disinformation analysis and started covering Poland as well.


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